Sod Installation & Repair

Sod Installation & Repair image

It would seem like the selection and installation process would be a straightforward process, but this often isn't the case. Too often J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) has been called out to repair or replace sod installations that have gone wrong. These failed installations are very expensive for the property owners, so J&J uses only high quality sod from trusted sources.

The J&J Sod Installation Process

Our installation process starts with a walkthrough of your property. This allows us to identify key details related to the installation, including irrigation impact, plant bed placement, underground utilities, sod borders, as well as address any questions that you may have.

Once the layout has been identified, we prepare the installation area by removing any existing grass. We do any soil preparation and grading that is necessary to ensure that the new sod will flourish. This typically includes adding lime and any necessary topsoil needed to promote the growth and long term stability of the new sod.

Once the sod arrives, the boundary areas for the installation are marked and the sod is laid as quickly as possible, followed by immediate watering. Any existing irrigation system is also tested after the sod installation. Any problems with the installation or irrigation systems are corrected at this time.