Ground Coverage

Ground Coverage image

Ground coverage, in the form of mulch or pine straw is critical for providing water retention in the soil for sensitive areas, ensuring that those areas retain adequate moisture. In addition, mulch and pine straw provide for an enhanced cosmetic appeal for your landscaping by helping define boundaries and a visual contrast for other landscape elements.

Mulch vs. Pine Straw

Pine straw is a pretty common ground coverage here in the south. Pine straw can generally be deployed pretty quickly, is pretty economical, gives a natural look to the covered area, and during hard rains, the pine needles have a tendency to stay in place, making it an ideal coverage solution on slopes. It should be noted that the pine needles are naturally acidic and thus make a better choice around plantings that prefer or are tolerant of acidic coils, such as azaleas, rhododendrons, etc. 

While there are variations in the types of pine straw, based on the pine needle types used (as well as the quality of the bundling of the pine straw bundles themselves), mulch has even more diversity. From naturally colored hardwoods, pine, colored wood - even recycled, dyed rubber, there are a wide variety of mulch solutions on the market. In general, mulches provide better moisture retention than coverage using pine straw and is a better barrier to weeds - especially when applied at the proper thickness/depth. However, some mulch is sourced from recycled wood that may contain undesirable chemicals.

J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) provides a wide variety of pine straw and mulch, as well as the associated installation. J&J uses quality pine straw and mulch that is intended to retain its color as best as possible, providing for longevity in your investment. J&J also provides clean-up and haul-away service for removing previous mulch and pine straw installations.