Irrigation Repair

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Irrigation provide a vital service to keep your landscape healthy and looking vibrant - when they work. Inevitably irrigation systems fall into some level of disrepair, from broken sprinkler heads, burst pipes, failed controllers, etc. As part of our comprehensive services package, J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) provides testing, repair, and winterization of sprinkler systems. 

Sprinkler System Repair

J&J will test your sprinkler system through all of its operational cycles/modes. We quickly identify any defective devices or wasteful programming modes that provide too much irrigation for you property. Any pipes that are broken are dug up and replaced. Likewise, any sprinkler heads that are broken, aimed-incorrectly (e.g. blowing water out into a street instead of onto your grass/plantings) are also fixed. For sprinkler heads we also look to ensure that the coverage area is correct, minimize overlap (wasting water) or voids in the coverage area. Finally, we look at the controller system and repair/replace any unit that needs to be fixed.

Sprinkler System Testing

As identified above, J&J technicians will fully operate your sprinkler/irrigation system through all of its operation cycle/modes to evaluate the amount of water and coverage provided. Additionally, all components of the irrigation system are tested, including the controller, valves, pipes, and sprinkler heads. As part of our testing procedure, we identify defective parts, parts that can be replaced to provide a more efficient irrigation service, and programming options to optimize the effectiveness of the irrigation.

Sprinkler System Winterizing

Winter is one of the number one causes of irrigation system failures and is one of the reasons that the J&J technicians stay so busy in the spring time. Too many households and commercial properties, including HOAs, leave residual water in their irrigation systems at the end of fall. With the limited depth of the pipe burials and cold winters, this water can freeze, causing pressure that will burst pipes and damage sprinkler heads. The J&J technicians properly winterize systems by flushing all water out of the system to extend the lifespan of valves, pipes, and sprinkler heads, minimizing costly start-up repairs in the spring.