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Simply put, hardscaping is the made-made features in your landscape. This include retaining walls, pathways, fireplaces, etc. These elements can not only serve a functional use, but also add an architectural appeal to your lawn as they contrast with the vegetation and add more texture to your landscape.

While there are an infinite variety of hardscapes, most share a common trait: installing hardscapes is hard work. Even basic drainage solutions often involve a considerable amount of dirt moving, stonework, machinery, and manual labor. The J&J crews are experienced in a multitude of hardscaping projects that can add functional and/or architectural solutions to your property.

Retaining Walls

Made from stone or timbers, J&J is experienced in the installation and repair of retaining walls. Retaining walls can not only provide a great solution for soil stabilization and erosion control, they can add considerable visual appeal to property. With the wide array of designs and materials available for retaining walls, we recommend that you contact us regarding your specific needs for your property and let us work with you to find the solution that is best for you.

Drainage / French Drains

Drainage solutions, including French Drains are one of our most common hardscaping solutions (along with stone walkways and stairs). Many homes where we provide lawn care services suffer from water drainage issues. These issues results in erosion and/or damage from water build-up in terms of the home's foundation or the vegetation. For example, one of the most common problems we see with grass growth is mold/fungus caused from poor drainage.

We work property owners to identify the source of their drainage issues and devise the best solution for their particular drainage problems and budget. From simply gutter extensions to fully-buried water diversion solutions, we can create the solution that is best for your property.

Fire Pits

Stone Walkways

Stone Steps