General Lawn Care

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J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) is a full service lawn and landscaping company that provides mowing services from basic walk-behind mowing to ride-on mowers for large areas. J&J will use the right mower for the best care of your property.

Sure, you can find plenty of people to mow your lawn. From the kid across the street to the large, nationwide firms that have trucks seemingly everywhere you look. But who will do the best job? What is the best solution for your needs? Each service provider has their strengths and weakness that are worth considering.

The Kid Across The Street

Well, he may not be a kid or right across the street, but this is our title for person that provides basic mowing service and it isn't their career. Instead, these people provide mowing services to supplement their income, offset educational expenses, etc. Because of the small size of their business (often a sole proprietor), the primary benefit that they provides is supporting an individual relationship with the property owner. People that utilize these services providers can generally reach them via phone or email easily and you're directly in touch with the person that will be performing the actual mowing. This allows you to easily convey any concerns or special instructions that are needed to help ensure that the job is done correctly. Also, because of the small size of their operation, their prices are generally amongst the cheapest as they have the least overhead.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of downsides that are all too common with this type of service provider. While it certainly isn't applicable to all, there are a couple of common problems that plague these kinds of service providers that directly, and negatively, impacts the property owner. The first is reliability. Many of these providers struggle to keep a regular schedule as lawn care isn't their career and may not even be their primary job at the time. Also, because of the small nature of their business, they lack the resources to catch-up on work after interruptions like rainy weather. The second issue is knowledge and skill. General lawn care doesn't require a PhD, but many people that don't have a career in lawn care don't realize the significance of:

  • The correct mowing height for proper grass growth
  • A sharp blade that won't tear at the grass blades, stunting growth 
  • Recognizing the signs of grass disease and how to properly treat it
  • Pending potential problems, such as poor drainage

Finally, these small service providers are under the same time constraints that everyone is as they try to maximize their business, but they often lack the practical experience that shows it is the attention to details that really makes the difference between a good looking property and a great looking property. In fact, it is often the care and specialization in treatment over time that allows the property to grow into all that it can be, which requires a specialized skill set and dedication.

Large Landscaping Firms

Large landscaping firms solve some of the problems that the smaller, sole proprietor or similarly sized service providers struggle with: resources and knowledge. Larger landscaping firms generally have an array of workers with vary skills that extend well beyond just basic lawn service. Arborist, sprinkler repair technicians, landscape designers, and even structural engineers (as well as project managers, accounting staff, etc.) make up their employee base, allowing them to offer a very wide array of services on a large scale. Because of this, they generally have the capacity to get caught up after inclement weather, absorb any complications from employee turnover, and can provide detailed expertise to solve virtually any landscaping or lawn care issue that a property owner may have.

With all of this expertise comes a price. Not only is the cost of services from these larger services providers often significantly higher, you are usually also often distanced from the people that are actually providing the service to your property. As you talk to project/property managers and other staff that has to relay your requests/instructions to a local crew and crews are rotated between properties, it is often hard to communicate directly with the people that are doing the work on your property and retain a consistent crew that knows your property, knows the previous work that was done, understands the particular issues that the property has, etc.

The Other Solution - J&J Lawn and Landscape Services

J&J falls in between these two extremes of sole proprietors and large state-wide or even nationwide firms and this is exactly where J&J wants to stay. The J&J staff bring decades of lawn care, landscaping, and chemical lawn treatment experience to your property, but do so with a personalized attention. We know your property and we treat it as our own. We know what problems you're trying to tackle with the property (e.g. persistent grass funguses, drainage issues, etc.), how you want your grass mowed, how you want your bushes trimmed, etc. Our experience, skills, and personalized attention allow us to provide the best possible lawn care and landscaping services you will be able to find anywhere.