Chemical Treatment

Chemical Treatment image

J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) is fully certified and licensed by the State of Georgia for professional chemical lawn treatment services. This means that our technicians use professional-strength chemicals that target the exact needs of your lawn for both fertilization and weed control. The chemicals we use are restricted to licensed professionals only and are specifically formulated for the grass and weed types we have in north Georgia, as well as the north Georgia climate.

Continuous Chemical Treatment Services

J&J provides consistent chemical applications throughout the year to target the different needs of your lawn and different stages of the growth cycle throughout the year. An overview of the J&J yearly applications:

  • Round 1 - Pre-emergent to prevent grassy weeds, Crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control, plus potassium and phosphorus to provide the needed nutrients for lawns coming out of dormancy.
  • Round 2 - An additional application of pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control.
  • Round 3 - Balanced, granular fertilization broadleaf weed control.
  • Round 4 - Balanced, granular fertilization to maintain color and stimulate new growth. An additional application of broadleaf weed control is also applied.
  • Round 5 - Broadleaf weed control and pre-emergent to prevent grassy weeds from germinating later in the winter.
  • Round 6 - Pre and post-emergent to prevent winter annual weeds and broadleaf weed control.
  • Round 7 - Fall pre emergence (Bermuda and Zoysia) and broadleaf weed control.
  • Round 8 - Lime application to improve soil condition and help ensure greener, healthier grass the following year.

Our application also includes a Fire Ant control that lasts throughout the year.