Four Reasons to Hire a Pro

Yards are the first thing a person sees as they pass by a house. Lawns are the staple of the yard and garner the most attention. The green grass, well-manicured flowers, and luscious trees are the three things likely to draw attention to and from a yard. Curb appeal is one of the most important elements when selling a home. Even if there are no plans for moving in the future, the first impression of the yard can make or break a sale. In order to help you save time and effort, hiring a professional lawn care service is a viable option. Here are some reasons to hire a professional lawn care service.

Enjoy Your Personal Time

This is likely the benefit that is often most understated when outsourcing lawn care. Many people work hard during the week and weekends become extremely compacted with honey-do's, family obligations, gettogethers with friends, etc. The last thing that most people want to do is fight their lawn equipment and go out in the heat to deal with their lawn. Let a professional like J&J Lawn and Landscape Services (J&J) handle your lawn, bushes, frlowers, mulch, and other landscape/hardscape needs so that you can just enjoy your property vs. spending your time trying to tame it.

Knowledge of the Industry

J&J has the knowledge on what keeps a lawn green on a variety of grasses. You might be able to get away with mowing the lawn and calling it good. However, different grasses should be cut to distinct lengths throughout the year and can acquire diseases that should be treated appropriately. Learning all of the information can be exhausting and applying that information can be troublesome.


Professional lawn companies use their own equipment and maintain it. Blades on mowers are always kept sharp and will not butcher but cut the grass. Cutting grass with a sharp blade will prevent diseases from occurring on a lawn.


The biggest concern is cost for most homeowners. They think that they are saving money by doing the lawn themselves. But consider all of the variables: you will have to buy and maintain your equipment, waste your time each week on keeping it up, and learning all of the information to keep it green all year long.